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Ensure your guests are safe!

Since 2017 our CDC ELITE certified facility has provided the hotel and cruise ship industry with state of the art Legionella testing services designed to provide you with accurate guidance and legionella testing. Our team can develop a testing program designed to fit the needs of youe Legionella Management Program.

What is Legionnaires’ Disease?

Legionaires disease causes inflammation of the lungs. The bacteria which causes Legionnaires is a bacterim called legionella pneumophila. It causes a type of pneumonia which is of a greater severity than the reular pneumonia. Legionllla bacteria can also cause Pontiac fever which is a milder condition. It does not progress to pneumonia. People catch the legionella bacteria by inhaling small droplets of water, areosols or steam which contain the legionella bacterium.

Most people who are exposed to legionella do not catch the disease, persons who are immune compromised are most at risk. Legionnaires disease does not spread from person to person. The symptoms of Legionnaires’ disease mimick that of the flu. Muscle aches, headaches, fever and fatigue are common symptoms. Symptoms typically occur between 2-10 days after exposure to legionella bacteria.

How is it spread?

Any water system that produces aerosols poses a risk:-

Water temperature also plays a critical role as legionella will multiply at temps between 20-45°C. temperatures below 20°C makes legionella dormant. They are killed off at temperatures >60°C.

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